30 OFFENSIVE JOKES in Under 4 Minutes

Going back to my roots with this one and attempting to offend as many people as I can!

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38 thoughts on “30 OFFENSIVE JOKES in Under 4 Minutes”

  1. This'll really piss some people off

    What's the difference between a black jew and a white jew?

    A black jew has to burn at the back of the furnace

  2. Once there was a black dude, a white dude, and a asain dude got captured by a gay kidnapper. He said he let them go if there dick sizes added up to 12 inches. The white dudes was 4 inches, the black dudes was 6, and the asian dudes was 2 inches. So they kidnapper let them go. The black dude said " That was close, how did we get lucky?". The asian dude replied " Your are lucky I had a boner".( I am sorry if u are offended)

  3. I told the feminist joke to a girl and she got a little offended but I cleared it up…
    holy fuck I shouldn't say theses jokes in public

  4. how many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb? ONE. she hold the bulb up to the socket and waits for the world to revolve around her.

  5. How many Feminists dose it take to screw in a light bulb?

    One! They hold it up and wait for the world to revolve around them

  6. How many feminists does it take to switch a lightbulb?

    one. She holds the lightbulb and waits for the world to revolve around her

  7. Sure its Welsh that fuck sheep not Scottish, Scots just get pissed off at everything. I know because I'm British.
    What did the Boston Marathon bombing do that Hitler couldn't?
    Finish a race.

    Jokes are like food…Not everybody gets it.

  8. Ok, the Paul Walker one was unexeptable. He was my favorite actor ever since brick mansions came out. No, go to hell and die, Just A Boy.

  9. I read some comments and some were black jokes that were hilarious and true. Anyone else have more? There is a black kid at school who just can't keep his trap shut and tries to diss me, I made Mom jokes (he got really pissed) but that's all I did. The one in the video could have been another one I could of used but instead I would have said, "I bet you have like 5 brothers and they all named 'Lester' and the only way she can tell them apart is by calling them by their last name."

  10. And you are the most offensive youtuber, you white fuck go crash in a car cause thats how stupid white people are, you sun chip go eat lays while you watch a white screen, Yeah was that offensive? why flag me? im not the only offensive one, its just white people, i wish there were no white people in this world

  11. What is a red bus full of black people? Malteasers.
    What do you call a white man on top of a black man? Society.
    What do you call a black man that goes to church? Holy Sh!t.

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